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Successfully promoting your brand through engagement with stakeholders and the global community is a fundamental and complex part of business communication and marketing efforts.

Surfsavvy Communications is a boutique company focused on providing effective communication, marketing, and training services, for start-up and small businesses.

By selecting elements from traditional marketing models that have stood the test of time, plus cutting-edge platforms from new digital marketing models, we’ll create an interconnected strategy that will position and leverage your industry into today’s global market place.

We’ll also write engaging promotional messages to communicate your brand to the global community.


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The way the world perceives your brand will have a direct impact on future business, so we’ll also provide guidelines and training for staff that hold the responsibility of posting ongoing content to your social media platforms.



Digital marketing including social media platforms, is now a way of life for people throughout the world, and it’s a great opportunity for your start-up or small business to reach prospective clients.

Social media can be a powerful tool for stakeholder engagement. It can broaden your reach, help source new ideas, and create a real-time continuous feedback loop.

As a company owner or as a boss, it’s important to think about how social media plays into your overall communication and marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is dependent on building relationships. It is also dependent on whether you provide the right information e.g. promotions, incentives, company news, or anything that will prompt your followers to provide further word-of-mouth publicity, or to recommend your product or service to their associates, family, and friends.

There are thousands of people online at any one time, and all of them perceive the world in a different way from one another, so it’s equally important to know, that the personnel you’ve designated to promote your business through social media, are effective communicators’.

You and your staff must practice sound judgment and common sense when publishing online posts. It is imperative to refrain from making comments that may be perceived as rude, derogatory, or racist. Mistakes do happen – and they can cost your business a lot.

To get you started and to lessen any potential limits, Surfsavvy Communications provides one-on-one training at your place-of-work to increase your social media core competencies. We provide guidelines to help you recognize what you can write about, and what you can or shouldn’t share in order to promote your business to prospective customers and clients.

We can be booked per hour — the choice is yours.

We also can also help you by:

  • Creating a strategy to drive your efforts
  • Measuring your existing efforts to better gauge effectiveness
  • Build engagement and interaction with clients via social media
  • Content creation
  • Using social media to drive sales
  • Using social media to build awareness of your company
  • Manage your social media platforms

We also offer training for:

  • How to create and deliver a professional PowerPoint presentation

mssion statement

surfsavvy mssion statement

In the “busyness of business”, it’s so easy to detach yourself from the people who really matter. Regardless of the scope of work; we believe that maintaining a true, honest, and relevant connection with our clientele, is the key to success.

Constant focus is a priority process for us, and we’ll work hard to ensure this vital link is put into practice with every part of every conversation and interaction, we’ll have with you.

Our primary objective is to be clear and simple, to inspire people, to move-them, and to get them thinking.


Where are we?

We’re at Half Moon Bay – a small East Auckland coastal suburb that flanks the Tamaki River; an estuarial-harbour opening into the Hauraki Gulf.

We’re a three minute walk to the Half Moon Bay Marina – home to over 500 boats and a busy hub of cafes and restaurants.

Neighbouring the marina complex is the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club. Nearby is Half Moon Bay’s public boat-launching ramp. Within the same vicinity is SeaLink – their big red vehicular ferries have been plying the waters of the Hauraki Gulf for many years, carrying vehicles and passengers on their drive-on and drive-off service, to-and-from Half Moon Bay and Waiheke Island.

Positioned only a stone’s-throw away, is Fullers – they operate a regular timetabled passenger ferry service to-and-from the Half Moon Bay Ferry Landing and Auckland’s downtown Quay Street Wharf.

Strolling the promenade bordering the circumference of the Half Moon Bay Marina, you’ll wander past moored yachts fringed by a stunning-backdrop-view of Rangitoto Island. And adjacent, is the long-standing Half Moon Bay Marina Motel – designed to allow guests a peaceful and comfortable stay.

An alley-way and a 230 metre pedestrian and cycle board-walk link the marina’s industrious boatyard to the magnificent Bucklands Beach. You’ll be impressed by this family-friendly beach and its glorious views across the Tamaki River to Mt. Wellington and Glendowie.

At the end of the sweeping Bucklands Beach peninsular is the Musick Point promontory – a jewel in the crown of Auckland’s best kept secret.

The road leads through the Howick Golf Course to the old Musick Point Air-Radio Station. And when you get to the end, the view of Browns Island (Motukorea), and the Hauraki Gulf is beyond breathtaking.

We honestly don’t think there’s a better outlook anywhere in the world.

About US


Lindsay Upton

BAC   GradDipMktg   GradDipTchg(Sec)

Lindsay has been involved in the communication and marketing arena since 1981. She’s seen the upswing and decline of mass media, with digital communication and social media becoming the now — the shift from strategic scheduled media events to instantaneous communication between persons and organisations, and the change from time-and-place bound communication systems, to time-shifting by consumers to fit their needs and their schedules.

Changing direction while raising her three close-in-age children, Lindsay moved her passion and skills to the classroom, working as a Media Studies, English, and Creative Technologies teacher at a variety of Auckland’s public and private schools. Continued interest in the communication and marketing industry steered her to further-learning about the complex and sophisticated technological changes taking place.

Amalgamating knowledge gained from her roles at TVNZ, Dobbs-Wiggins McCann-Erickson Ltd, Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) and AUT University – plus an awareness of small businesses being overwhelmed by fast-changing digital technology and disadvantaged by exorbitant start-up fees – along with her aspiration to bring communication, marketing, and training together in one package — Surfsavvy Communications was launched.

Through continuing professional development, Lindsay maintains her knowledge. She regularly participates in up-to-the minute and cutting-edge technology training courses, and subscribes to a variety of industry white paper guides.

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surfsavvy mssion statement

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